Welcome My fellow Deplorables!

This is my first blog entry, so it will be short and sweet. I want to welcome you all to my poetry website. I am excited in having the opportunity to share my poetry and art in this new platform. Yesterday I read a poem from an inspiring young poet, who is promoting the idea, that the new generation should “tear it down”, in regards to the ideas and history of our past. I almost threw up reading this. The thing is, if we erase the past, how can we learn from our mistakes? I see some dark roads in our future, if we do not speak up against Idealist anarchy. We can make our future brighter but we will never do it, if we allow those who refuse to study history and analyze our mistakes, to be the swordsman in a cultural revolution.

I realize this is a bit deep for my first blog, however with the election coming up, we need to evaluate ourselves and where we are going as a Nation. I know for myself, I do not want to “tear it down”, rather I want peaceful solution where we as a Nation become “We the People” again.

Love you all

the deplorable poet