Oak Tree Concerto

In Light Of Said Events

I am the mirror to your reflection

Like Lingonberry seeds

screaming to dance

to the moonlight

of a midsummer night’s

so is the awaken

contemplation of Regret

Acid Reflux
invades slumber
as Hamlet’s Ghost
acts as a conductor
to the symphony
of Apathy

The strings of Sorrow
drowns out the
flute of Joy
haunting the performance
of this motionless soul
on a Repetitious Soundtrack

In retrospect
Climbing up
too close to GOD
only caused
The Trees to Shake
Thus raining
Acorns of Melancholy
Upon this Concerto

It is the hope though
that since
the Composer is
the “Trinity Of Forgiveness”
a Kernel of this
fragmented residue
will take root,
forming a
Fortress of OAK
called “Redemption”………………………….