in the cold

Selected Poems

– the deplorable poet

The book in the cold is a selection of confessional/imagist poems written by the deplorable poet. In this series, an evolution to style and content is being formalized by the author. The poems were purposely selected in a generic way, where readers from all walks of life and beliefs will hopefully be able to identify with the emotions/struggles being presented. Sit back with a cup of coffee or chamomile tea, relax, and enjoy.

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Very Intense!

I saw the Covid 19 symbol on the cover and the book caught my eye. The poetry is very good. It is very intense and after reading the book, I get what the author was trying to convey with the book cover. The oppression that our society is going through with the epidemic and how it effects all us, is what the author I believe is trying to convey. No matter who you are, the content of this book can be relatable in some way.

– Sarah R.

Great Book!

Great book. Old school poetry with a modern approach.

– B. Patel

Totally Relate!

Love this poetry. It is refreshing to see some great content in poetry again. I totally relate to the messages that the poet is trying to express.

– Melanie O.

Love It!

Amazing in every way! Every poem took me to places where I believe the writer wanted me to go. Love it.

– James G.

the deplorable poet

Greg Tucker

the deplorable poet, a modern-day confessional imagist, with two master’s degrees in criminal justice (criminology) and legal studies, currently working on his third master’s degree in forensic behavioral science (victimology), has completed his new book “sour cream and vinegar: when milk and honey are not enough”: a potent collection of poems that take confessionalism into an unorthodox literary marriage with imagism.

the deplorable poet is a U.S Army vet and Graduate from the Washington University in St. Louis school of law. His life experiences led to his desire to express his artistic creativity as well as sharing his unique perception of the world.