Happy Sunday Deplorables!

Today is a wonderful day! Everyday is a beautiful day for someone. So why not claim this day to be beautiful and successful for yourself? Every few entries of this blog, will be used to promote a great poet. Poetry if given a chance, provides a valuable influence in how we live, learn and model ourselves to others. This is Walt Whitman week. Walt Whitman was a powerful poet that believed that poetry not only influences an individual, but also shapes and describes society. Walt was a Libertarian who believed that every individual had/has the right to live in freedom. This includes speech, expression and the ability to be different than others.

“Leaves of Grass” is one of my favorite pieces of work, that Walt created. I encourage you to read. The more one reads, the more we become enlightened to who we are meant to be. Have a great week Deplorables! I appreciate you.

– the deplorable poet