I am unapologetic for being a patriot. I am a Veteran that served in the US Army. I think my perception of many poets, are those who have seen the world without the grit and realism that a Soldier sees. Obviously not all poets fit in a neat Idealistic progressive package. I am one of those that don’t. True American, True Patriot. As writers we are called to express our ink with the experiences, emotions that life has brought us. Hopefully a few readers relate during this pilgrimage. Though I am a true believer in Social and Restorative Justice, the soldier in me has evolved into a pragmatist. We make changes by listening and allowing our senses to to have a 360 degree of enlightenment to other peoples’ point of view, rather than a narrow single scope. Food for thought. Happy Veterans’ Day!

Written by : the deplorable poet

the deplorable poet is a U.S Army vet and Graduate from the Washington University in St. Louis school of law. His life experiences led to his desire to express his artistic creativity as well as sharing his unique perception of the world.

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