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“A modern-day confessional imagist talking confessionalism into an unorthodox literary marriage with imagism”

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in the cold

This is an exciting new book that further explores emotions and experiences we all feel. It expresses the struggles that societies are experiencing globally.

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sour cream and vinegar

This is an exciting new book that further explores emotions and experiences we all feel. It expresses the struggles that societies are experiencing globally.

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the deplorable poet holds two master’s degrees in human behavior and is a veteran of the U.S Army

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Now on audio! The deplorable poet brings a unique poetic format that allows the listener to set their own rhythm while being engaged with each poem. Realism takes the threshold over idealism, which in return unmasks the façade of “milk and honey,” and allows the audience to accept that, at times, life is truly more like “sour cream and vinegar.”

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Original Poetry Expressing The Human Journey

The Deplorable Poet/Greg Tucker is sharing a new kind of unorthodox poetry where anything goes, from political mockery and hypocrisy exposed, to more personal reflections of how life is sometimes not all sugar and honey, but has the bitterness of sour cream and vinegar at times.

The truth is expressed from a libertarian heart in his own creative views. His poetry is engaging and holds nothing back from its black and white views. Poems like “Jesus Unfriended Me,” “The Beast in Me,” and “Some Men” are blatantly honest in approach with bluntness, but then there are fun poems like, “Dogs Rule” and “Licking You” that show our human side to bond with our beloved pets.

The Deplorable Poet also expresses grief and loss in relatable earthy ways through his poetry. “Sour Cream and Vinegar” is metaphorical in presenting scenarios of society, like “The Fox and the Blackbird.” Slyly, the author also uses his sarcasm and humor to lace his points of view in his writing.

I recommend his original poetry to those who can relate to the ups and downs of the human journey and its trials. My favorite poem is, “Oak Tree Concerto”….for its spiritual message of redemption despite this world of chaos and regrets. Great collection of poetry to read in doses each night and ponder. I enjoyed! 😉

The passion queen

Great Book!
This book is highly entertaining, it’ll make you think about life and feel sad and happy at the same time. Very interesting set up, a new and exiting way of writing. It gives an insight to the authors soul. Amazing book! Recommend 100%!!!
- LH93
A Must Read!
This writer is an incredible poet. It is a must read. Very relatable experiences to what most of us feel.
- Johnny R
5 Star Review
“These poems have it all. You will be brought through all the poets emotions through words that spark your visualization. You will tear up, laugh, and be called to action.”
- Victor (Amazon)

The self-identified “deplorable poet” doesn’t quite live up to his name in this thoughtful, sometimes pained collection, a follow-up to the more avowedly political Social Distancing This!: A Confessional Imagist View Without Political Correctness. As his pen name suggests, the author, a specialist in criminal studies and forensic behavioral science, feels at odds with contemporary American society, but readers hoping for (or dreading) a MAGA screed may be surprised by what he actually offers: a searching, occasionally self-damning portrait of a man facing grief, the fear of abandonment, and the possibility that he has been corrupted like the criminals he has faced in his day job.

“The beast in me/ Wears a leash/ Called self-control,/ Which is guided/ More by self-perseverance / Than moral convictions,” he writes. Those lines—jagged, abrupt, scraped of ambiguity—exemplify the poet’s work, as does their bent. Throughout, the author returns to the theme of mastering his darkest impulses, of fearing that he bears a “Curse/ of/ Caine/ A Stench/ That cannot/ Be/ Removed.” This raw, confessional approach compels both as poetry and as unstinting self-portraiture. “Did I Forget You” incisively questions the limits of his own perspective; “Cornfield of Abandonment” takes on bereavement but also a broader sense of being alone and adrift, imagining Hell as a place “Where/ Communication/ To our/ Creator/ And the/ Ones we Love/ Ceases.” At times, his touch is light, as when he muses “I Believe/ Jesus/ Has/ Unfriended/ Me.”

Curiously, the least engaging lines are the directly political ones, which tend toward generic gripes about “the media” or prosaic statements of principle: “There is no such/ Thing as a free/ Ride/ When it comes/ From big brother.” Welcome celebrations of dogs and Anne Sexton, plus parodies of “The Red Wheelbarrow,” brighten the mood, and the comic scenario in “The Devil’s Advocate”—in which Satan’s lawyer toasts the sanctity of attorney-client privilege—has welcome bite.

Takeaway: A collection of curt, incisive poetry that lays bare a self-proclaimed “deplorable”‘s soul.

Great for fans of: Aaron Goldstein, The Conservative Poets: A Contemporary Anthology.

Production Grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A-
Marketing copy: B+

Print Date: 07/19/2021

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Amanda Gorman recited the poem “The Hill We Climb” at the inauguration event of Joe Biden in January 2021. The poem was written during the USA Presidential Election, 2020. It was written in response to the great storming of the US Capitol. At its heart, the poem upholds the lesson for unity and togetherness in American society. Additionally, it also emphasizes the opportunities that the upcoming time offers.  In response to Amanda Gorman, I wrote a poem “The Hill We Created”. However, Amanda wrote from a progressive view, the deplorable poet’s response is Libertarian.  It states that we must take responsibility for a divided nation by rebuking the partisan approach that both parties are responsible for. The Hill We Climb The poem by Amanda celebrates the United States, not as an example of a “perfect union” rather as a nation that has the grit to work hard for its real issues. The phrases of the poem reflect that everything doesn’t happen at once. It tends to take time before the change finally finds its way forward. The poet particularly reflected change as painful as climbing the hill for justice, requiring both patience and humility. We are striving to forge a union with purpose, to compose a country committed to all

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